Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Huntsville Memories and Other Stuff

I just had to post a few more things about Riley, along with some more pics. While at Gran and Pop's in Huntsville, we gave Riley a bath. She put herself in the funniest position and we just had to take a picture. Right at the end of her bath, when we had her really good and clean, she decided she needed to poop. I'm sure it's just the first of many times : ) We managed to get her out and onto a diaper before she got herself too messed up - but not before she got poop on her Gran. We also took her to church while we were there, so that Gran and Pop could show her off. Of course, everyone thought she was so cute.

Today, we went for a walk and I put a little hat on Riley to keep the wind out of her ears. It is the cutest thing. She also had on her Gap sweatshirt with her pants with a "ruffle butt". She just looked so cute!

Nana (Ben's mom) came over tonight and Riley smiled at her for the first time. Nana loved it!! We are loving seeing her smile and hearing her "talk" to us. It never gets old and I'm sure it never will.

I know my posts aren't all that exciting, but I guess if you don't find them interesting, you don't have to keep visiting our blog : ) Like I said, motherhood has just made me feel the need to tell the whole world how wonderful Riley is!! I'm sure none of you other mothers know how that feels : )

I have one more picture to share before I end this post. It's another one that Aunt Nicole took and it is just so sweet! Take a look at Riley and her Daddy.

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Kyla said...

Those are cute! i love her toes in the bathtub picture!! The Lumpkin feet!!