Saturday, January 12, 2008

Riley is 'Gooing'!

I didn't plan on updating this blog. I just created it as a joke, but apparently, parenthood does something to you and you just have to tell the whole world every little thing your baby does : ) Just in the past week, Riley has started 'gooing' and it is so cute! This morning I was changing her and talking to her and she started making those high squealing sounds. No one else was here to hear it. I tried to call Gran and Pop, but she was done with it : (. Gran has this turtle hanging on her crib at her house and Riley just loves it. She'll lay there and just get so excited and make all kinds of noises, so I just had to get one for our house! I can't wait to let Ben see how much she loves it and how she "talks" to it. I think we owe her talking to Gran. I don't think there is one second (while Gran is awake) that she isn't talking to Riley. She's got me and Ben doing it now, so Riley should be talking up a storm before long.

I am posting a few pictures that Aunt Nicole took of Riley. She's an aspiring photographer and is doing great! The pictures are so good!

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Aunt Nay Nay said...

Why didn't you let your Aunt Nay Nay hear you goo while you were here. Soo cute