Saturday, January 19, 2008

Riley's First Snow

Riley got to see her first snow today! Our neighbors had already built a pretty professional looking snowman, so we just decided to borrow theirs for our picture : ) Ben did build Riley a mini snowman of her own. It was very cute! The snow has pretty much stopped here now, but we're hoping for more later. It's funny how the least little bit of snow here in Alabama calls for 24 hour weather coverage. No wonder us southerners get made fun of.

We are supposed to be going to see the Foo Fighters in concert tonight with Mandi, Jason, Laura and Eric, so we're hoping the weather is going to cooperate with that. Gran and Pop are here to keep Riley, so I am sure I will have more stories for the blog by the time they leave. Gran is talking to Riley non stop as usual and Pop is letting her sleep on her favorite pillow - his stomach.

One more thing before I end this post. We finally got Riley 'gooing' on video. It's only a small one - she can really get going sometimes - but we wanted to post it anyway.

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Kyla said...

awww!! i love the video! i guess gran talking all the time has somewhat paid off. ;) Have fun at the concert!! I wish we had gotten snow!! Missing you! hope to see you this week!