Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Spoiled Little Girl

We made another trip to Gran and Pop's house in Huntsville. As usual, Riley wasn't lacking for attention. To prove this, I've included a picture of Jeanie, Pop, Gran and Aunt Nay Nay (Glenda) gathered around her crib watching her "talk" to her turtle. This is not an unusual occurance, by the way.

This visit to Huntsville was to celebrate Pop's birthday. We all went to Rosie's for dinner on Wednesday and it was delicious. A trip to HuntsVegas just doesn't seem right without at least one meal at Rosie's. I still need to ask them when they are going to open one in Birmingham : )

We had several visitors while we were there. Of course, Aunt Nay Nay was there everyday. We like to time it where she can change a dirty diaper and we succeeded once. Other visitors to the house were Aunt Jeanie, Jill and Sarah Grace, Eddie and Kyla, Sheri and Chason, and Cathy and Sophie. I think Chason is going to be a good babysitter one day, Sarah Grace was a little too busy to pay much attention to Riley, and Sophie was a lot more talkative than I expected. She really took up with Pop, so he couldn't resist giving her one of the Big Birds that they always keep around. (Have I ever said how much those things get on my nerves?!) Cathy called the next day and said that Sophie insisted on taking Big Bird everywhere she went that day. We are so glad she liked it so much.
Gran always takes care of Riley's night feedings while I'm there. It is SO nice to get a full night's sleep. Well, I have to admit that I do get up sometimes to "check" on them : ) It seems that every time we are there, Riley sleeps for longer intervals than she does at home. I kidded that I was going to leave her for a week so Gran could train her to sleep longer. Well, lo and behold, she slept longer last night after I brought her home. Yay! We are so ready for her to sleep through the night, but I'm afraid we have a while to go.

I know this post is getting long - and boring - so I'll end it with the pics from our visit.

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Kyla said...

Sounds like you had as much fun as you can around here. :) sry we missed u!