Monday, March 31, 2008

4 Month Dr. Appointment

We went in on Friday for Riley's 4 month appointment. Riley weighed 15 lbs., 12 oz. and is 24.5 inches long. She is definitely healthy : ) She had to get 4 shots again. Horrible! Mommy and Daddy hate it so much and it looks like it will never stop. I know it's for her own good, but it hurts her and makes her fussy for several days. It seems that, as a parent, you're always worrying about something. I knew this before we had her, but you just don't fully realize it until you're there.

She's back at school today after a few days at home last week and I'm sure she's happy. I think she really likes the stimulation she gets there and the interaction with the other babies. She just seems so happy after she comes home. Of course, I still call to check on her every day, but I guess they would wonder now if I didn't : ) Last week when she was out, one of the part time girls called to check on Riley. She says Riley is just so sweet and is her favorite and she really missed her. She said she gives Riley lots of extra attention. That really made me feel good.

Well, we are all finally feeling better. Ben and I are finally just about back to normal and Riley's cold is much better, too. Gran and Nana are also feeling better. I think that Nana had it the worst of all, but she said she's feeling much better today. I hope the bug has finally stopped with her. It seemed to get worse with each person, so we were really afraid for Bill to get it. I hope this week will be much better than last!

Riley had a couple of more "firsts" this weekend. She went to her first birthday party and her first visit to the park. Kaleb (Mandi and Jason's youngest) turns 4 tomorrow, so his party was on Saturday and SoHo Sweets. Riley loved watching all of the kids at the party. Everyone then went to Homewood Park since it was such a nice day. We hung out there while all of the kids played and we got some lunch from Nabeel's and ate in one of the pavillions. It was really nice! Riley slept through most of her first visit to the park, but she did open her eyes for a few minutes while we were leaving. It was really a fun day. The only thing that would've made it better is if Daddy could've been there. Unfortunately, he had to work since he'd been out sick for 3 days. Our weekend ended with a visit from Cathy. She had to come to town for a class at the Children's Hospital so she stayed with us last night. It was nice to visit with her, but it was too short. I really miss my "Huntsville Girls" : (

I got a pretty good video of Riley showing off her vocal skills, so I'll try to get that posted tonight.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hell Week at the Habsheys

Well, this has been a week from hell at our house. We have had a stomach bug - doesn't even begin to do it justice - floating around the family. I won't go into all of the gory details - believe me you don't want to know - but it was BAD! It started Monday night with me. I had multiple symptoms - if you know what I mean - and a fever that got up to almost 102. Later, I would find out that my mom had been sick all day on Monday. Nana ended up picking Riley up from school on Tuesday afternoon and letting Riley stay with her that night to keep her away from it. Ben tried to stay as far away from me as possible, but it didn't work. Tuesday night / Wednesday morning at 3:00 a.m., he woke straight up from a deep sleep with it himself. He had it even worse than me. So, after taking care of him for a few hours, I packed up some stuff for me and Riley and went to stay with her at Nana's house, all the while going back and forth to our house taking care of Ben. Luckily, Nana just lives right around the corner - literally! Well, Thursday morning we wake up at Nana's and she's not feeling well, so I call Ben, he Lysols our entire house and Riley and I head back home. I think Nana is feeling better this morning, but it seems to get worse with each person, so I hope everyone else has avoided it. So far, Riley has not gotten it, so please keep praying that she won't. I cannot even imagine a 4 month old having what we did. I have really spared you the details, but it was absolutely the sickest any of us have been. (Sorry Ben and Nana!) In case you didn't notice from this post, apparently, I just give it to people and then run off and leave them : ) I really do feel horrible about giving it to Ben and Nana. I'm not sure where this "bug" originated, but I am cursing that person every second still.

On top of all of that, Riley has had drainage (supposedly that's all it is), so she's got a yucky nose and is coughing. She doesn't seem to be too upset by it, but we have to keep suctioning her nose so she can breathe (daddy's gotten real good at the suctioning). At first, she really hated it, but she's gotten kind of used to it now, bless her heart. Now, she has to go to the doctor today to get shots. I absolutely hate it when she gets shots. I HATE IT! It hurts, so she cries until she can't breathe and then she doesn't feel good after that. Poor baby! I guess she'll get really spoiled tonight. Ummm, as if she's not usually spoiled?! : )

Well, I hope everyone else's week has been much better than ours. Maybe the next post will be a much happier one.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Few "Firsts"

Riley had a great first Easter! We went to Huntsville to go to church with Gran and Pop and then went to Aunt Nay Nay's to meet up with the rest of the family for an Easter celebration and to celebrate mine and Jill's birthdays. Sarah Grace was really loving her cousin Riley and I think Riley liked her pretty well, too. Riley was so patient while we took SO many pictures of them. Have you ever tried to get 2 small children to look at the camera and smile at the same time?! Well, we never accomplished it. What we should have had pictures - or video - of is the adults trying to make them look and smile. It was quite amusing!

The other first for Riley has a tooth starting to come in! We just discovered it last night and that explains why she hasn't been acting quite right lately. She hasn't been bad - just sleeping restlessly and not taking her bottles regularly. I can't believe she's already getting a tooth. The time just flies by. I know everyone always says that, but you don't realize it until you're there. It's only been 4 months, but I can't believe she was ever 6 lbs. 10 oz. We had someone bring their baby to work the other day and she was a little over 7 lbs. and I just looked at her and swore Riley was never that little. It's amazing how you forget.

I'm posting a few pics from the weekend. To see them all, go to

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Things Riley Does

She sits in her Bumbo seatShe sucks her thumb
She talks to the bird on her play mat

She kicks the bird on her play mat

She goes for walks with her Gran
These are some of the things that Riley does these days! Isn't she cute?!
Also, here are some pictures that her Aunt Nicole took a few weeks ago.

Our familySweet baby girl

With her Uncle Eric

With her Great Grandfather, "Pop"

With her proud Daddy

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Riley Did Very Well!

Well, Riley's first day of school went really well. I called to check on her twice and Daddy went up there to look in on her once. When he got there, she was laying on the little gym mat kicking and laughing at all the toys hanging above her head. Everytime I called they said she was doing great! When Ben picked her up, they said she didn't make a peep all day except for her happy noises. When Ben brought her home, I read the sheet that they send home and it said she had good naps and took her bottles normally. At the bottom of the sheet there is a section for additional comments for the teachers to write anything extra and one teacher wrote "We (heart) Riley = )" with the heart and little smiley face after it! I thought that was awesome. I think she's going to be the class favorite : )

Since I was such a bad Mommy and forgot to take a picture of her first day, I had Ben take a picture of us before they left this morning, so this is her 2nd day of school picture. It's not a good picture of me, but you get the point!
I guess it's good that we are getting into our new daily routine, but boy is it hectic. Ben says it's like we're in the Army and he's right! Good thing I'm fairly organized or it would be disaster.

Fairly short update, but wanted to let everyone know how her first day went.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Riley's First Day at "School"

(I've told Ben that we are referring to it as "school" because it makes me feel better, so when you ask me about it make sure you say "school". Like I said, it makes me feel better : ) )

I know I haven't been blogging much, but I'm going to try to be better at it. I will just give you a general update on what's been going on with us.

Today is Riley's first day at school. She did fine, but mommy had to cry just a little bit. I went on Friday to meet with her teacher and introduce her to Riley and, I must say, that I couldn't love her more. She is an amazing person and this is an amazing place (Kingwood Christian Childhood Development Center)! Riley actually loves going places and being around people, so I think she'll like it. Of course, by 9:15, I'd already called to check on her : ) I would've taken a picture to document her first day, but I'm a bad mommy and I forgot the camera. Oh well!

Our weekend: I took Friday off and spent the day with Riley. Like I said, she loves to get out and do things - like mother, like daughter - so we went to up to her school, to see daddy at work, to Harbert to say a quick hi to everyone and then met Mandi at the mall for lunch and shopping. Riley was an absolute angel the whole time. She just smiles and talks and has a great time. Friday night, Ben and I went out to eat to celebrate my birthday, so Riley stayed with Nana and Papa for a little while. Dinner was awesome and it was nice to spend a little time alone. On Saturday, we just had a family day at home playing and taking a walk, then we went to dinner with our friends Kelli and Neal and their daughter Lanie Mae. We don't get to see them much, so we had a great time and Lanie Mae just loved Riley. On Sunday, Riley and I went shopping again. It was so nice outside that we went to the Summit. She, of course, loved it and was an angel again.

Riley has still been sleeping through the night - well, most of the time. Daddy would beg to differ since her schedule was messed up yesterday and she woke up at 3:30 this morning wanting a bottle. It was daddy's night to listen for her - lucky me!

This weekend we are going to Huntsville for Easter. That should be a lot of fun! We are not going to waste any time starting holiday traditions, so we'll be dying eggs this week. I'm sure that daddy is really looking forward to that. Riley already has an Easter basket ready for to be filled by the Easter bunny. My childhood was filled with wonderful traditions and I am excited about all of the traditions we are going to create with Riley.

Riley is really a lot of fun to be with. She has started talking a lot and she's just always so happy. She has started laughing a lot and it is just too cute.

I'll write more after our trip to Huntsville for Easter. I'll leave you with Riley's first picture with the Easter bunny. I know - she looks like Ben sitting there!!! I've been told a million times. Good thing daddy is so cute ; )

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another 'Milestone'

Riley laughed for the first time last night. I mean, truly laughed. She's been doing this little 'heh' laugh, but Gran made her really laugh for the first time. It was so cute!

This is a very short update, but just had to add it : ) Hopefully, we'll hear more and more of those sweet laughs.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Great Weekend!

I have to say that this was one of the best weekends I've had since I can remember. (Please bear with me here because I will now begin to brag on my daughter.) I spent a lot of time with Riley and she was a perfect angel. I know that I'm probably setting myself up here for her to act up, but she really has been great lately and I couldn't ask for a better baby. Friday night she slept for 10 1/2 hours, which was awesome and Saturday, Nana and I took her to the Cottontales Village. There were so many babies there, but everyone seemed to notice Riley. Maybe it's because she was talking to everyone as they passed us or maybe it was that cute bow in her hair : ) She had her shirt on with her name on it and everyone would go 'oh, there's Riley again'! A few people asked if they could take her home. We were there for 3 1/2 hours and she didn't fuss one time. Sunday morning we just hung out and had a few long conversations, then I took her to the mall and, same thing, people were saying how cute she was - this time no bow, so I don't think it was that : ) She was again talking to everyone. I wonder where she gets this talking thing from ; )

Also, on Saturday night, Mandi, Jason, Eric, Laura and Ben surprised me for my birthday. We got together at Laura's for steaks from Mr. P's - my favorite! We had a great time, as usual. Thanks, guys!

Today it's back to work : ( I'm beginning to adjust, but having such a great weekend with Riley really makes me miss her. She got into the day care that we had applied for, so she'll start on March 17th. I know she'll steal their hearts!

Isn't the picture of Riley just so cute?! I got a lot more bows this weekend, too. Whenever Gran sees Riley with a bow in her hair she says "Look! It's Ben with a bow!" At least she has my eye and hair color.