Monday, March 31, 2008

4 Month Dr. Appointment

We went in on Friday for Riley's 4 month appointment. Riley weighed 15 lbs., 12 oz. and is 24.5 inches long. She is definitely healthy : ) She had to get 4 shots again. Horrible! Mommy and Daddy hate it so much and it looks like it will never stop. I know it's for her own good, but it hurts her and makes her fussy for several days. It seems that, as a parent, you're always worrying about something. I knew this before we had her, but you just don't fully realize it until you're there.

She's back at school today after a few days at home last week and I'm sure she's happy. I think she really likes the stimulation she gets there and the interaction with the other babies. She just seems so happy after she comes home. Of course, I still call to check on her every day, but I guess they would wonder now if I didn't : ) Last week when she was out, one of the part time girls called to check on Riley. She says Riley is just so sweet and is her favorite and she really missed her. She said she gives Riley lots of extra attention. That really made me feel good.

Well, we are all finally feeling better. Ben and I are finally just about back to normal and Riley's cold is much better, too. Gran and Nana are also feeling better. I think that Nana had it the worst of all, but she said she's feeling much better today. I hope the bug has finally stopped with her. It seemed to get worse with each person, so we were really afraid for Bill to get it. I hope this week will be much better than last!

Riley had a couple of more "firsts" this weekend. She went to her first birthday party and her first visit to the park. Kaleb (Mandi and Jason's youngest) turns 4 tomorrow, so his party was on Saturday and SoHo Sweets. Riley loved watching all of the kids at the party. Everyone then went to Homewood Park since it was such a nice day. We hung out there while all of the kids played and we got some lunch from Nabeel's and ate in one of the pavillions. It was really nice! Riley slept through most of her first visit to the park, but she did open her eyes for a few minutes while we were leaving. It was really a fun day. The only thing that would've made it better is if Daddy could've been there. Unfortunately, he had to work since he'd been out sick for 3 days. Our weekend ended with a visit from Cathy. She had to come to town for a class at the Children's Hospital so she stayed with us last night. It was nice to visit with her, but it was too short. I really miss my "Huntsville Girls" : (

I got a pretty good video of Riley showing off her vocal skills, so I'll try to get that posted tonight.

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