Friday, March 28, 2008

Hell Week at the Habsheys

Well, this has been a week from hell at our house. We have had a stomach bug - doesn't even begin to do it justice - floating around the family. I won't go into all of the gory details - believe me you don't want to know - but it was BAD! It started Monday night with me. I had multiple symptoms - if you know what I mean - and a fever that got up to almost 102. Later, I would find out that my mom had been sick all day on Monday. Nana ended up picking Riley up from school on Tuesday afternoon and letting Riley stay with her that night to keep her away from it. Ben tried to stay as far away from me as possible, but it didn't work. Tuesday night / Wednesday morning at 3:00 a.m., he woke straight up from a deep sleep with it himself. He had it even worse than me. So, after taking care of him for a few hours, I packed up some stuff for me and Riley and went to stay with her at Nana's house, all the while going back and forth to our house taking care of Ben. Luckily, Nana just lives right around the corner - literally! Well, Thursday morning we wake up at Nana's and she's not feeling well, so I call Ben, he Lysols our entire house and Riley and I head back home. I think Nana is feeling better this morning, but it seems to get worse with each person, so I hope everyone else has avoided it. So far, Riley has not gotten it, so please keep praying that she won't. I cannot even imagine a 4 month old having what we did. I have really spared you the details, but it was absolutely the sickest any of us have been. (Sorry Ben and Nana!) In case you didn't notice from this post, apparently, I just give it to people and then run off and leave them : ) I really do feel horrible about giving it to Ben and Nana. I'm not sure where this "bug" originated, but I am cursing that person every second still.

On top of all of that, Riley has had drainage (supposedly that's all it is), so she's got a yucky nose and is coughing. She doesn't seem to be too upset by it, but we have to keep suctioning her nose so she can breathe (daddy's gotten real good at the suctioning). At first, she really hated it, but she's gotten kind of used to it now, bless her heart. Now, she has to go to the doctor today to get shots. I absolutely hate it when she gets shots. I HATE IT! It hurts, so she cries until she can't breathe and then she doesn't feel good after that. Poor baby! I guess she'll get really spoiled tonight. Ummm, as if she's not usually spoiled?! : )

Well, I hope everyone else's week has been much better than ours. Maybe the next post will be a much happier one.

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Kyla said...

sry i havent been on lately. ive been busy. im glad riley hasnt gotten it. my mom got it but it didnt spread through us.