Monday, March 17, 2008

Riley's First Day at "School"

(I've told Ben that we are referring to it as "school" because it makes me feel better, so when you ask me about it make sure you say "school". Like I said, it makes me feel better : ) )

I know I haven't been blogging much, but I'm going to try to be better at it. I will just give you a general update on what's been going on with us.

Today is Riley's first day at school. She did fine, but mommy had to cry just a little bit. I went on Friday to meet with her teacher and introduce her to Riley and, I must say, that I couldn't love her more. She is an amazing person and this is an amazing place (Kingwood Christian Childhood Development Center)! Riley actually loves going places and being around people, so I think she'll like it. Of course, by 9:15, I'd already called to check on her : ) I would've taken a picture to document her first day, but I'm a bad mommy and I forgot the camera. Oh well!

Our weekend: I took Friday off and spent the day with Riley. Like I said, she loves to get out and do things - like mother, like daughter - so we went to up to her school, to see daddy at work, to Harbert to say a quick hi to everyone and then met Mandi at the mall for lunch and shopping. Riley was an absolute angel the whole time. She just smiles and talks and has a great time. Friday night, Ben and I went out to eat to celebrate my birthday, so Riley stayed with Nana and Papa for a little while. Dinner was awesome and it was nice to spend a little time alone. On Saturday, we just had a family day at home playing and taking a walk, then we went to dinner with our friends Kelli and Neal and their daughter Lanie Mae. We don't get to see them much, so we had a great time and Lanie Mae just loved Riley. On Sunday, Riley and I went shopping again. It was so nice outside that we went to the Summit. She, of course, loved it and was an angel again.

Riley has still been sleeping through the night - well, most of the time. Daddy would beg to differ since her schedule was messed up yesterday and she woke up at 3:30 this morning wanting a bottle. It was daddy's night to listen for her - lucky me!

This weekend we are going to Huntsville for Easter. That should be a lot of fun! We are not going to waste any time starting holiday traditions, so we'll be dying eggs this week. I'm sure that daddy is really looking forward to that. Riley already has an Easter basket ready for to be filled by the Easter bunny. My childhood was filled with wonderful traditions and I am excited about all of the traditions we are going to create with Riley.

Riley is really a lot of fun to be with. She has started talking a lot and she's just always so happy. She has started laughing a lot and it is just too cute.

I'll write more after our trip to Huntsville for Easter. I'll leave you with Riley's first picture with the Easter bunny. I know - she looks like Ben sitting there!!! I've been told a million times. Good thing daddy is so cute ; )

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Kyla said...

I cant wait to see all of ya'll this weekend!! -kyla