Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Riley Did Very Well!

Well, Riley's first day of school went really well. I called to check on her twice and Daddy went up there to look in on her once. When he got there, she was laying on the little gym mat kicking and laughing at all the toys hanging above her head. Everytime I called they said she was doing great! When Ben picked her up, they said she didn't make a peep all day except for her happy noises. When Ben brought her home, I read the sheet that they send home and it said she had good naps and took her bottles normally. At the bottom of the sheet there is a section for additional comments for the teachers to write anything extra and one teacher wrote "We (heart) Riley = )" with the heart and little smiley face after it! I thought that was awesome. I think she's going to be the class favorite : )

Since I was such a bad Mommy and forgot to take a picture of her first day, I had Ben take a picture of us before they left this morning, so this is her 2nd day of school picture. It's not a good picture of me, but you get the point!
I guess it's good that we are getting into our new daily routine, but boy is it hectic. Ben says it's like we're in the Army and he's right! Good thing I'm fairly organized or it would be disaster.

Fairly short update, but wanted to let everyone know how her first day went.


Terri said...

So - She's already the teacher's pet ? Why am I not surprised...

Kyla said...

Who wouldnt love riley? :) HOpe the rest of the week goes well!!