Friday, April 4, 2008

Gran's Here & A Forgotten First!

Ben and I got a much needed uninterrupted night of sleep last night. Gran is in town, so she was on Riley duty during the night. Not that Riley requires much during the night, but she sleeps pretty restlessly the second half of the night and maybe requires a few pacifier re-inserts. Gran likes nightime Riley duty because she has Riley all to herself. Gran's been given the OK by Mommy and Daddy to put Riley in bed with her early morning if she wants to - and, believe me, Gran wants to. With any luck, Gran will want to be on Riley duty again tonight : ) It's so nice having Gran here. She really spoils us. She does laundry, makes dinner, irons clothes - must I go on?! Oh, and we also love her company. Gran's awesome and I really miss her when she's not here : (

Now to the "forgotten first". I can't believe I forgot to blog about it. Riley spent her first night away from Mommy and Daddy last week. It was the night that Ben and I were sick. She spent the night with her Nana and Papa. Of course, they just live right around the corner, so she was right there and didn't have to be gone for long. Nana and Papa enjoyed it and I'm sure Riley did, too. I'm sure there will be more nights spent at Nana and Papa's house.

It's Friday - yay for Fridays - and I am so ready for the weekend. It means quality family time. It's hard to get that during the week. Mandi, Jacob and Kaleb are coming over tomorrow to play and then Eric and Laura are hopefully joining us later in the afternoon and staying for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Fred and I loved the Yummy oatmeal picture and we just laughed at her watching the Noggins. Here it is 10:00 and we are sitting here laughing at her. It was so cute. Her Aunt Nay Nay can't wait to see her this week-end.