Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Is anyone even reading this thing? Sometimes I feel as though I'm just talking to myself! Apparently, I wouldn't be the only one talking to myself, though. Riley seems to be doing it more and more these days. She will wake up in the mornings and just lay there in her bed (or ours) and talk. It's just so sweet! I love to listen to her before going to get her. About 20 minutes after we put her to bed last night, she started talking very softly and when I went in there, she was just looking at the side of her crib (which has nothing on it) and talking. I told Ben this morning that I thought maybe she was having a conversation with God : ) I think she really just likes to hear herself. She'll sit there all throughout the day and talk and laugh. It's just really so adorable. There won't be anything to laugh at and she'll just bust out laughing.

We've been feeding her baby food pretty consistently now. So far, she's had green beans, sweet peas, squash, sweet potatoes and bananas. She wasn't so sure about the bananas at first, but she ended up liking them the second night. My little porker is just like her Mommy and Daddy about eating - she loves it!

She's still been doing really well at school and Miss Lindsey is still spoiling her. We like for our baby to be spoiled : ) Speaking of spoiling, Riley's Nana asked to keep her on Thursday night, so Nana is coming over for dinner and then Riley will be going home with her for the night. Also, Gran, Pop and Kyla are coming on Saturday to spend the night, so no doubt there will be lots of spoiling going on this week!

(I haven't been very good at posting pictures lately, but I promise to put up a few soon!)

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Kyla said...

I read it!! :) well i cant wait to came down!! I'm sure we won't make it ALL about Riley. I'm sure Ben would be happy to just give us some $ and spoil u a lil bit. ;) lol Kyla