Monday, June 2, 2008

Best Friends & Family

These are 2 of the best things in the world. I had such a great visit in Huntsville this past weekend. I spent a lot of time with my family and had an awesome visit on Sunday with the "Huntsville Girls" (known from here on as HSV Girls) and the newly named "Huntsville Girls version 2" - the daughters of the original Huntsville Girls - (known from here on as HSV Girls v2). We all got together at Cathy's new house (which is beautiful, by the way) and the big and little girls all had a great time. Sydney and Anna Chason were my 2 little babysitters and they were so good with Riley. It was neat seeing all their different little personalities. I so miss living there with the most awesome friends a girl could ask for : ( You guys are amazing and I love you!

My family time was so special, too. Gran and Pop loved their time with Riley, as usual and Riley was excited to see them, too. Saturday morning Todd and Pam came over for breakfast. Chocolate syrup and biscuits, of course. Yummy!! I was going to wait a while to introduce Riley to it, but thanks to Aunt Pam, Riley got her first taste of chocolate syrup. (I know, Mandi, I deserved it!) Looks like I'll be getting paid back for all the candy, sugar, caffeine, and other things that I gave to all of my friends' kids and to Eddie and Kyla. I was always the one you could count on to sneak the kids a bite of this or that when they weren't supposed to have it or bring them chocolate - and let them eat it - right before bedtime. (Right, Jackie?) It was worth it, though. Riley deserves to be spoiled to and we've definitely got a good start on that. Mommy and Daddy started the spoiling themselves from day one : ) Anyway, back on subject - Jeanie came over later that day for some special time with Riley. She helped Riley with her sitting up and rolling back over the opposite way. (She is currently only rolling from back to stomach.) I'm sure she'll get it quickly now after the professional help from Aunt Jeanie. She actually is doing good with the sitting, as you'll see in the picture below of the HSV Girls v2. (All of the pictures of them were cute, so I hope you'll click here to see all of them.)
Of course, a visit to Huntsville wouldn't be complete without a little Rosie's for dinner. I dropped by to get it to go and drank a Mambo Taxi while I waited. Yummy! It's better shared with friends, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, so I sat at the bar, looking mysterious, and drank it alone : ) (For those of you who aren't up on your movie quotes, the mysterious comment is a reference to Hope Floats.)
So, as you can see, I had a wonderful weekend in "HuntsVegas". It was good to get back home, though. Daddy and Riley were so happy to see each other. It was very sweet!

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Kyla said...

sorry i didnt get to see you. hopefully next time you stop by! Sounds like you had fun and thanks for all the food you snuck us. lol miss you and love you! Kyla