Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I didn't realize that my last post referencing our parenting method of spoiling would be such a controversy : ) Seems some people saw it as a rant or took offense to it. It was not meant that way. Blogs are usually used as a place to say whatever is on your mind and that's exactly what I was doing. And, those of you who know me, know that I tend to speak my mind anyway ; ) It's just that, with all of the books out these days on parenting methods and such, I feel like people have definite opinions on how others should parent their children. I just wanted to make it clear, just in case someone might be thinking that we should try something different, that we know we spoil Riley and we like it that way. I'm pretty sure that won't change much. It's not that anyone has said anything specific to us. I guess it's just what I feel like people might think sometimes. At the time, we were trying to figure out why Riley was waking up crying in the night and I felt like that, if I tried to talk to people about it to get advice, I would be questioned on certain methods of putting her to sleep, bedtime rituals, etc. Not that I would be, but I felt that I would. Anyway... I'm getting too in depth and probably still offending people, so I'll stop. Just know that it wasn't directed at anyone in particular. It was really just a dig at all the 'parenting method' books out there these days. Sorry if anyone took it the wrong way. But, rest assured, I'll continue speaking my mind here. That's partly what it's for. And, by the way, thanks for the advice you're thinking about giving, but we've already figured out the sleep issue ; ) Oh, Lord, here I go again....

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it girl. As far as myself is concerned, I didnt take it that way... I guess because we have actually never talked about how much you SPOIL her!! Heheeheeee JK, don't freak out. And just so you know, I'm sure that half of my parenting style is not in those books either.. or better yet, they are in the books but NOT what you are supposed to do! :P I gave those books up a long long long time ago.
All you have to do is simply the best you can. I am not a perfect parent (far from it) and never will be. I learn something new every day that is NOT in those books or what everybody else's advise could ever tell me. Have fun, love her deeply and learn from your mistakes.

<3 U, Julie