Monday, June 30, 2008

Real Food, Sippy Cup and a Girls' Day Out

Gran came for a visit (YAY!) and we really enjoyed having her here. Riley stayed home with Gran on Thursday and they really had a great time. Of course, now that Riley has 2 teeth barely through the gums, Gran thinks she can have table food, so she decided Riley should try a saltine during dinner the other night. Overprotective, first time mom was afraid she'd choke and gave Gran strict instructions to give her a "tiny" bite and to "be prepared to stick your finger down her throat if she gets choked" : ) Needless to say, Riley did fine and she liked the cracker. She also drank juice from a sippy cup for the first time and, yes, she liked that, too. Feeding time was much easier - and a lot less messy - when all we had to do was give her a bottle. My 'anal rententiveness' is kicking in and I can't stand the messiness of it all. AAAggghhhh!

Friday I took off work to spend the day with Gran and Riley. We decided to have a girls' day out of shopping (of course, because shopping is my addiction). We went to have lunch at Zoe's in Homewood and then walked around to all the little shops there. It was a very successful day with both Mommy and Riley getting some new things. Riley loved seeing all of the people and everyone was commenting on how cute and good she was. She finally tired of all the shopping and fell sound asleep while we continued on. We stopped by Savage's bakery for a little treat. Yummy! A few minutes after that, I glanced at Riley and noticed some crumbs on her face. Yep, you guessed it! Gran gave her a bite of cookie. That's what "Grans" are for, though, right? What a great day with 2 of my very favorite people!! Here are a few pics from our little outing. (Excuse the quality as they were taken with my cell phone.)

And a few of her in one of her new outfits. How cute!!!
Sadly, Gran went back home yesterday. (I always shed a few tears when she leaves.) Hopefully, she'll be back very soon for another visit. It is so hard living away from my hometown now that we have Riley. Gran and Pop have always been such wonderful grandparents and I hate that they don't get to see Riley more. I really miss my family and friends "back home", but I am thankful that it is just up the road in North Alabama. We miss you already Gran!


jill said...

You better get ready because that first plate of spaghetti isn't far away! I actually began putting butcher paper on the floor every morning and threw it away each evening. It was that or mop every day! At 22 months it MIGHT be improving. :)

HEWY said...

Hey Christy

I added you to my list of Helena Bloggers. I'm trying to keep an up to date list of active bloggers in Helena. Let me know if dont want to be on it.