Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Habshey Clan Minus 1

Last night we had the Habsheys over for dinner. It was Terry, Ben, Abbey, Paden, Bay, Riley and me - the minus 1 is Eric. He was the only one missing. Terry made dinner - YUM - and we had a great visit. Dinner included tabouli, which I love when made correctly, and Terry's is delicious. I love most Lebanese food. I think I may need to make a visit soon to one of my fave Lebanese restaurants, George's. His food is delicious, but his tabouli still doesn't compare to Terry's. Like I said, we had a great visit and everyone enjoyed seeing Riley.
Tonight Gran and Aunt Jeanie are coming for a visit. We can't wait! It's always awesome to get a visit from my family and I know they will enjoy being with Riley.
Make sure to come back tomorrow for the 2nd edition of ~my husband rocks! Friday~.

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Katy Lin :) said...

oh my goodness! where has this week gone! tomorrow is friday already! lol! you have a sweet family :)