Monday, July 21, 2008

A Relaxing Weekend

What a great weekend! I really needed some time to relax and get rid of this terrible sinus stuff that I've had going on. Thankfully, Gran and Pop were there on Saturday morning, so I got to sleep in a little. I feel like a new person today, finally! On Saturday, Pop wanted to go eat at Cracker Barrell for lunch and, of course, I was up for that. Riley and I went with them and Riley sat in a high chair like a big girl for the first time at a restaurant. She was so cute and just loved looking around at all of the people. Everyone, of course, was talking to her and commenting on how cute she was. We were sad to see Gran and Pop go back home, but we really enjoyed their visit. Most of the day yesterday was spent hanging out at home playing and relaxing. In the afternoon, we went to a walk for McKaylee. Most of you probably know, but McKaylee is a sweet, adorable little girl who is battling cancer. She is undergoing treatment right now at St. Jude's. The walk was held to raise money for McKaylee and St. Jude's. I've included a picture below of Riley and Daddy at the walk. Please remember to keep McKaylee and her family in your prayers. You can visit her Caring Bridge site by clicking here.

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