Friday, September 26, 2008

~ my husband rocks! Friday

I know, I know! I skipped a Friday and I bet you were thinking that my hubby didn't "rock" last week. Wrong! He always rocks : ) So, I'm back on track this week.

I've always felt a little self conscious about my face - large pores, some reddish spots, etc. You know, just a girl thing. I always look at these people whose skin looks so smooth and perfect and I'm so jealous. For a long time, I've wanted to get laser treatments or something on my face to improve my skin, but it's just so darned expensive. (I'll go out and spend a fortune on clothes, but not on my skin? Go figure!) Anyway, Ben has known this and so about a year and a half ago or so, we talked about it and he told me that I was beautiful the way that I am (how sweet!), but if it would make me feel better, we'll find the money to get it done. Wow! What a great husband!! Doesn't he just rock?! I went for a consultation and made an appointment for my first treatment. In the meantime, I found out I was pregnant. You can't get the treatments done when you're pregnant, so I had to forget about it. Once I came back to work and started making money again, we decided it was time to get the treatments. One treatment a month for 6 months. They haven't been bad at all so far. The harsh treatments left me looking very sunburned and then peely, but not too bad overall. Yesterday was my last treatment and the most intense one so far. You would not believe what I look like today. Imagine red and white leapard print. Seriously, that's what my face looks like - AND I came to work. What a dedicated employee I am : ) I am posting below a picture of what I looked like on the ride home last night. The laser tech had put some kind of cream on me that was supposed to be soothing and it looked hilarious. She also sent an ice pack with me - thank goodness because my face was on fire. I took some ibuprofen last night to help with the soreness and swelling. Man, the things us women to do try and look beautiful. I must say that the treatments have improved my skin, so I'm happy that I did it. I wonder what my face will look like tomorrow? Good thing I don't have any plans this weekend. Sorry for the long post, but I had to tell you that Ben rocks because he thinks that I'm beautiful no matter what, but he also wants me to feel beautiful. Thanks sweet Ben! You ROCK!! Now for the picture...

You see where the white cream sort of clung to my skin in circular pattern? Well, that's what my face looks like today, except red circles! I wonder what the people at Wal Mart thought of me today : )

My little angel is 10 months old today. Look for a post and pictures later. Oh, and she has another tooth coming in on top. So cute!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Cute Is This?

Riley and my sweet little (well, not so little anymore) Jacob! Doesn't Riley look like she's posing with her boyfriend on prom night?! She had already changed into her PJ's at this time, but here's another picture from earlier in the night when she was cheering Bama on. (Ignore the person in the background with Auburn flip flops on.)

Just a Little Update

I just thought I'd give a quick update on what's been going on with us. Riley is really crawling around so good and pulling up onto her knees, too. She seems to want to pull up all the way, but doesn't know how to get there yet. I think that maybe her gums have been bothering her lately because she's been waking up some in the night. She normally sleeps so good. School has been going really good for Riley. She even eats off of the lunch menu now. Isn't that just so cute?! She's such a big girl : ) She eats so many different foods now and likes just about anything. She absolutely loves to feed herself and is so good at it. She really seems to enjoy going to school. She's so happy and Ben says she gets excited every morning when he drops her off. She is also happy to see us when we're all home, though. They are having school pictures made at the end of the month. Why am I so stressed over what she is going to wear for pictures? For some reason, it just seems like such a big decision : ) We are going to the beach Oct. 1st and taking my parents with us. I can't wait! I really need a vacation. What I need is a permanent vacation, but this will have to do for now!

So, things are great with us. Riley is just growing and doing new things every day. It won't be long before she turns 1! I really cannot believe it! Of course, I'm already planning her birthday party : ) Hope you all are doing great and thanks for keeping up with us!

Friday, September 12, 2008

~ my husband rocks! Friday

I've been thinking this week about how I am so in need of a vacation and that got me thinking about all of the wonderful trips that Ben and I have been on - ski trips, some beautiful places in Guatemala, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, etc. They have all been wonderful, beautiful and special, but there was one trip in particular that we took to Guatemala that was extra special. Ben told me before we went that he was going to have a surprise for me while we were there. (I LOVE surprises, by the way!) The surprise wasn't until a few days into the trip so I would have to wait a little bit to find out what it was. I couldn't wait! It turned out that we went to this monestary in Antigua that had been excavated and fixed up into a hotel. It was beautiful and so different from anywhere I had ever been. The place is called Casa Santo Domingo. Make sure to click the link and check it out if you have time. The history of it is pretty cool. When we got there and were walking around, I just teared up. Ben asked me what was wrong and I said "nothing. It's just that this place is beautiful and no one has ever done anything like this for me before." (Not to mention that the place we'd spent the 2 nights before that was beautiful, too.) We were still just dating at the time and he knew how much I love surprises and how much I love to go to new and exciting places, so he planned this surprise for me. That is one of the many reasons that my hubby ROCKS! If you've never been to Guatemala, there are some beautiful and unique places there. Getting there isn't cheap, but once you're there, everything is very affordable. I've included below a few pictures from some of our vacations. Thanks, Ben, for always knowing how to make me feel special!
Casa Santo Domingo

Bahamas - Exuma Islands

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Lake Tahoe - No, it's not a fake backdrop. Isn't it beautiful?!

St. Lucia - Our Honeymoon

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slideshow of Riley's Birth

I went back and watched the slideshow of Riley's birth pictures again today and it just makes me cry every time. A friend of ours, Jennifer Hagler, was there when Riley was born to document her birth. I can't tell you how thankful I am for her and the pictures she got that day! It is something that we will treasure forever and I thought I would share it with those of you who haven't seen it before. You can click here to see it. You can also visit Jennifer Hagler Photography by clicking here.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Shenanigans & A Video

Riley is so cute crawling around and has really perfected it and she's only going to get better and faster : ) She is even wanting to pull up on things, although she can't quite figure out how to do it. Lately, her favorite things to do are to spread all of her books out on the floor and, also, to turn over her basket full of her little toys and pull them all out. She also likes to play fetch with herself. What I mean by that is that she'll get one of her toys, throw it out in front of her and crawl to it, then do it over and over again. It's so funny! I just love watching her do and get into new things. I had mentioned in my last post that she's been sick. She is much better, but still not back to normal. She's acting fine and is very happy, but her stomach is still sensitive - if you know what I mean ; ) (I'm sparing you the details.) Hopefully, that will go away soon. Below are some pictures and a video. Enjoy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

~ my husband rocks! Friday

This probably won't make since to a lot of you because I have to be so "discreet" about the situation, but nonetheless... I've been having some issues with some certain unnamed people at a certain undisclosed location. It's nothing that I can't handle, but still frustrating. Bottom line is that I don't understand why some people don't realize how precious life is and that it's not worth being ugly to others. And, by the way, did your mother never teach you the golden rule? I mean, seriously, people. Just be nice! It's a very simple concept. Anyway, of course, Ben has to hear about it every time something arises concerning this situation. I just tend to get on my soap box : ) I know, I know, me on my soap box? Hard to imagine, huh? (Sarcasm intended. See above.) He is always right behind me, taking up for me and trying to make me feel better about the situation. That's the thing about Ben, no matter what is going on, he's always on my side, of course, and backing me up. That's why my hubby ROCKS!

On another note, Riley has been sick the past few days with a stomach bug. She's doing better, but not yet symptom free, so please keep her in your prayers. Gran is here now staying home with her so that I could come to work. Thanks, Gran! You're awesome! Check back for another post later today or tomorrow with some new pics of Riley's recent adventures in crawling!