Friday, October 10, 2008

~my husband rocks! Friday

I missed last Friday since we were on vacation, but this week I'm back on track letting you know why Ben Rocks!

As you know, last week we were at the beach and took my parents along to enjoy it with us. Ben had a lot of together time with his in-laws and didn't complain once - and hasn't since, I might add. You've heard all of the jokes about in-laws and such, so I asked him the other night if he had gotten sick of them and he said "of course not! They are so easy to be around." I thought that was so sweet and it also makes things easier on me knowing that, anytime my parents want to come visit us, he will welcome them wholeheartedly. You rock, Ben, for enjoying time with my family!

Also, on the ride home, I guess I was kind of delirious and not wanting to end our vacation. I don't know what got into me, but I was being pretty silly. Instead of being annoyed, Ben was thoroughly entertained. Well, maybe that's taking it a bit too far, but he was laughing at me/with me. Just one more reason that he rocks : )

Another weekend is here and I'm SO glad. We really need more days in the week so that I can have more quality family time. The weekends are just way too short! Not much relaxing to be done this weekend. I've got my family coming from Huntsville and we're going to take some family pictures at the Botanical Gardens. Then, on Sunday, I've got a couple of Spring cleaning projects to do. I know it's not Spring, but I didn't get it done in the Spring, so now's the time. I know that Nicole of B Photography is going to take some great family photos and I'll make sure to post some of them here.

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Kyla said...

I cant wait to see you 2moro!!! :)