Friday, October 17, 2008

~ my husband rocks! Friday

Seriously, people, are you tired yet of hearing about how my husband rocks? Actually, I think I have only about a handful of readers, so I don't think it really matters : ) Anyway, so it's Friday again - thank goodness - and time for another edition of "~ my husband rocks! Friday", so here goes...

I started work at a new building this week, so things have been a little different. Not bad, just different. I have to leave a little earlier for work for one thing. It's a totally different drive and I have to leave earlier to avoid all this crazy traffic "we" have here in Birmingham. I put the quotes around we because I tend to still say "they" for Birmingham and "we" for Huntsville. I will always be a Huntsville girl at heart and, hopefully, will be able to move back there one day. That's where my heart is and that's where I belong : ) Back to the subject at hand - Ben and I work on totally opposite ends of the city, so to speak, but yesterday he calls and wants to have a lunch date. Lunch dates are rare for us since we work so far apart, but in the past few months, he's been making the effort to come to where I am and take me to lunch. I really love it because it's just me and him and it's a "date". We don't get too many of those anymore. Sure, there are nights when one of the grandparents is keeping Riley, but it seems that usually all we want to do is go home and relax on those nights. So, these lunch dates are really nice. Such a simple thing, but I love it. Thanks, Ben, for date yesterday! You ROCK!

Oh, and we went to a place called Newk's. It was my first time eating there. Love it!

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Anonymous said...

We have a Newks in Huntsville...we have been wondering what it was. I guess we'll have to try it! So glad to hear that you still feel like you're one of us up here in Huntsville. Oh what I would do to have you back home!!!