Friday, October 31, 2008

~my husband rocks! Friday

Happy Halloween!! This is going to be a short one, but I did want to take the opportunity to tell you why my hubby rocks this week : ) Earlier this week, I went and bought some pumpkins with the intentions of carving one to put out for tonight, of course. Well, last night came around and we still didn't have the pumpkin carved. After a long day of work, and still having to do all of my motherly and wifely duties last night, I told Ben that really we didn't have to carve a pumpkin. He quickly corrected me and said 'oh, yes we do!' So, off to the kitchen we go to clean out and carve that pumpkin. It's not the carving part that I dreaded, it was the cleaning it out part that got me (and it wasn't really all that bad after all). So, we scooted Riley's high chair over to where we were going to do the carving so that she could be a part of it and then Ben proceeded to get all of the goopy, nasty stuff out of the pumpkin. He then let me do the fun part - carving out the face. (I did let him help with the mouth.) I had bought one of those kits to do a cute little face on it, but Ben really wanted to stick with tradition and just do the usual triangle eyes and nose thing, so that's what we did. It actually turned out pretty good. I took some pictures last night, but forgot to get them off of the camera before I came to work, so those will have to wait until tonight. Make sure to check back for them. Thanks, Ben, for motivating me to go ahead and carve the pumpkin. It was so much fun and a great memory for Riley's first Halloween. YOU ROCK!!!!!

P.S. - didn't I say this was going to be a short one?! Oh well, anyone that knows me will say that there's no such thing as short when it comes to me talking : )

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Jodi said...

What a great memory for you all! Great post!!