Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Riley got to see Santa on Sunday night. Well, I think she looked at it more like she "had" to go see Santa. Our photographer, Bonnie at Blink Photography, hired a Santa, so we made an appointment with her. I figured, cute Santa, no waiting in line a the mall, and much cuter pictures, it was well worth the $25 that she was charging. First off, Ben got Riley over to Santa's lap without her seeing him, so we got a few 'blank stare' shots before she turned to see him. When that happened, she just looked at him, looked at us, then back at Santa. Then came the look of concern just before the tears came. There was absolutely no smiling, but I'm sure the pictures will be cute anyway. I mean, the most beautiful child on earth was sitting on Santa's lap and this was one pretty realistic looking Santa : ) He must've thought I was crazy because I was totally having this conversation with Riley about how Santa is really nice and he brings lots of presents at Christmas, etc. etc. Of course, Mrs. Santa was there, too, and I'm sure as they left they discussed how this grown woman still believes in Santa. Oh, and I was calling him "Santa" the whole time. So, what's wrong with a grown "woman" (I hate being referred to as that) still believing in Santa?! I will definitely post the pictures when I get them.

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