Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, tomorrow is the day that Riley gets her tubes put in. I know it is very routine, but I am really not looking forward to it. I know that, when we hand Riley off to the nurse to go to the OR, she is going to get upset and that makes me so sad. I just really can't stand the thought that she is going to be scared and not know what is going on. Please keep us in your prayers that everything will go smoothly and we'll get back home quickly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just really wanted to get some things on here about what Riley's been doing so that I can have them documented. You see, this blog is not only for our family and friends to keep up with us (well, mostly Riley), but it's also my way of preserving memories and milestones.

Riley has been really talking a lot lately. Sometimes, she's just carrying on a little conversation and we don't really know what she's saying. It's so cute, though. Some words we can actually understand are:
  • mama
  • dada
  • bye bye
  • bott - for bottle
  • stinky - she just said this the other day when Ben told her that her diaper was stinky. It didn't sound exactly like "stinky", but she was trying to imitate what Ben said
  • hey
  • she can tell us what the dog says and what the cow says
  • nana - for banana
  • thank you - this is actually one of the first things she said
  • no no

She can also blow kisses and wave bye bye. She has recently learned to take her bib off, which is very annoying since I'm obsessive about her not getting food on her clothes. It's easier to keep her clean than to have to try to get those stupid stains out of her clothes : ) She's also taking steps here and there and standing on her own a lot more. She mostly takes steps when she's not thinking about it. If she thinks about it too long, she just chickens out. There are definitely words that I have left off of this list, but I will add more as I think of them. I have a written list at home, but of course, have forgotten half of what's on it.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is our dog, Goober. I can't believe that I've never talked about him on here before. I guess I should devote a whole post to him, but this will have to do : ) Ben found him right after we got married while he was running in our neighborhood. He had been muzzled and had wounds around his snout from it. Ben felt so sorry for him and brought him back to the house. We weren't going to keep him, so we tried to find an animal rescue that would take him, but they all told us they couldn't take anymore dogs. Of course! We agreed to be his foster home, and one of the rescues put him on their website to try and find him a home. We tried not to get too attached, so we decided not to name him. Well, everytime Ben would go to take care of him, he would say I've got to go take care of "the goober". Months went by and he still didn't have a home, so we decided to keep him. We tried to change his name, but Goober had just stuck by then. So, "Goober" it is! Now that you know the story of Goober, here is a picture of him.

His one floppy ear is so cute! You can see the scar that he still has around his snout from being muzzled so tightly. Poor Goober : ( Everyone who meets him says that his name fits him and what a great name it is : ) It is slightly embarrassing, though, when we're out walking with him and someone says "oh, what's his name?". I just sort of mumble "Goober".

Riley loves to go out and see Goober. She just laughs and laughs at him, especially when he's getting treats. And, if you ask her "What does Goober say?", she'll make the barking noise. So cute!

Riley is going to visit Gran and Pop in Huntsville this weekend. It will be the first time she's gone by herself and Gran and Pop are just so excited! We will miss our sweet girl so much, but she will have fun and it will be good for her to spend time with her Gran and Pop.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Step (or three) at a Time

Riley took her first steps tonight! Three to be exact! We could not believe it. She had used only one hand to steady herself and get up off of the floor. She was resting that hand on my knee as I sat on the couch and she was watching TV. I don't think she even realized what she was doing as she took 3 steps toward the TV. Ben was watching her from the kitchen and we were so proud of her. I even teared up a bit. It was just so sweet and I cannot believe how fast she is growing and changing. What a milestone! Not sure how long it will be before she really gets going, but tonight was a start.

On another note, Riley has had an ear infection for basically 2 months now and she just can't get rid of it. She is on her 4th round of antibiotics now. $180 antibiotics! Yes, you did read that correctly. This antibiotic cost $180. Her ped did give us a $40 coupon, so it "only" cost $140. Anyway, we have an appointment with an ENT on Monday to see if they think she needs tubes in her ears. Please keep us in your prayers. We want to do what is right for her, obviously, but we are very nervous about her getting put to sleep. I know it is a common procedure, but as all of you parents know, it's always unnerving when it's your child. We are hoping that these antibiotics can work and she won't have to get the tubes.

Before I end this post, I need to say Congratulations to Eric and Laura on their recent engagement. We are SO excited that Laura will be a part of the family. I have considered her a good friend from the moment that we met. In fact, I always told her that I was keeping her even if Eric didn't ; ) Laura is such a sweet person and I am so glad that her and Eric found each other.