Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Step (or three) at a Time

Riley took her first steps tonight! Three to be exact! We could not believe it. She had used only one hand to steady herself and get up off of the floor. She was resting that hand on my knee as I sat on the couch and she was watching TV. I don't think she even realized what she was doing as she took 3 steps toward the TV. Ben was watching her from the kitchen and we were so proud of her. I even teared up a bit. It was just so sweet and I cannot believe how fast she is growing and changing. What a milestone! Not sure how long it will be before she really gets going, but tonight was a start.

On another note, Riley has had an ear infection for basically 2 months now and she just can't get rid of it. She is on her 4th round of antibiotics now. $180 antibiotics! Yes, you did read that correctly. This antibiotic cost $180. Her ped did give us a $40 coupon, so it "only" cost $140. Anyway, we have an appointment with an ENT on Monday to see if they think she needs tubes in her ears. Please keep us in your prayers. We want to do what is right for her, obviously, but we are very nervous about her getting put to sleep. I know it is a common procedure, but as all of you parents know, it's always unnerving when it's your child. We are hoping that these antibiotics can work and she won't have to get the tubes.

Before I end this post, I need to say Congratulations to Eric and Laura on their recent engagement. We are SO excited that Laura will be a part of the family. I have considered her a good friend from the moment that we met. In fact, I always told her that I was keeping her even if Eric didn't ; ) Laura is such a sweet person and I am so glad that her and Eric found each other.

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kelliomorton said...

WOW! Great things happening in the Habshey family! Tell Laura and Eric I said congrats! And, i hope little Riley feels better soon. we miss ya'll. hope to see you soon!