Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Busted Lip!

A few weeks ago, Riley had her first busted lip : ( Daddy was away on business and Gran and Nay Nay were staying with us. They were outside playing when I heard Riley start screaming. She, apparently, had fallen down on the concrete. She mostly caught herself with her hands, but still hit her mouth on the concrete. Gran came through the door with Riley bleeding everywhere - well, not really everywhere, but since it was her first accident involving blood, Momma thought it was awful! We got her cleaned up and her lip was SO swollen already. She had been playing with the kids from across the street, so they brought over popsicles for her. It was so cute because they were so worried about her. We gave her a popsicle and, before we knew it, the swelling was almost gone. Here is a picture. Not a good one, but it shows her lip. It doesn't quite do it justice as to how swollen it really was. You can see the blood on her shirt - along with a little popsicle juice. I'm sure there are many more accidents - and blood - to come over the years.

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