Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milestone - A Few Years Too Early

Riley's Aunt Jeanie came to visit us this past weekend and we had such a great visit! Riley was so excited to have her here. On Saturday morning, we went to the Helena Market Days where locals sell home grown veggies, fruits, fresh baked bread, salsas, jams, and many other things. It's in downtown Helena, which by the way, was rated in the top 100 cities by Money Magazine. Click here for the article. Sorry for the plug, but we just absolutely love the little town that we live in! Anyway, on to the story... We were walking around the market and a little boy came up to Riley and started talking to her. Before I knew it, he had kissed her right on the mouth! It was really cute, though, and I thought wow that was Riley's first kiss!! Of course, I had to ask the little boy's name so that we could always remember that moment : ) His name is Nicholas. I noticed that a woman had her camera and was taking pictures. She introduced herself and we talked for a bit. She is a local freelance photographer and she offered me her email address and wanted to send me the pictures. I just got them from her and I wanted to share this milestone with you. Of course, we didn't expect Riley to get her first kiss at such an early age and from an older boy, at that : ) That little boy is really going to be a ladies' man. Look how he's holding her face as he's about to kiss her. Do all you girls love that as much as I do?!

I can't end this without also mentioning that Madison, AL (which is basically the same as Huntsville) is also listed in that same article. Oh how I love my hometown, also. If I can't live there, then this great little town of Helena will do!

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Anonymous said...

I love this story.. What a memory! Becky