Thursday, August 6, 2009

Potty Time!!

Well, big news here!! Riley went "poopies" in the potty!!!!! For all you non mommies and daddies out there, please know that this really is a big deal and exciting and all that. I promise : ) It happened at school, so I wasn't around to see it, but it definitely happened. Gran and Pop are here for a few days and they picked Riley up from school yesterday on their way into town. When they got there, one of Riley's teachers, sweet Lindsey, told them Riley had just pooped on the potty and wanted to know if they wanted to see it. Sure enough, it was there. Can you believe she asked if they wanted to see it? That's so funny! It's really sweet that she was so excited about Riley's first potty experience. I just love Lindsey! She is such a blessing to us. Anyway, back to the potty news... They called me on the way home so that Riley could tell me her big news. Of course we were all "Yay, Riley! We are SO proud of you!" and on and on. I swear I almost cried when they told me. Strange, I know, but I bet some of you moms out there understand. Riley also went pee pee in the potty today while at home with my mom. We know that it will probably just be random for a while, but it's exciting. My baby is growing up!

Riley is so much fun lately and really learning and growing. She knows some of her colors and numbers and talks up a storm. She is constantly saying things and doing things that amaze us. She is just a little sponge and we are so enjoying all of the new things she is learning and doing. It is amazing to watch her grow.

She is having a great time with her Gran and Pop, of course. Today, they took her fishing at our little neighborhood lake that we live on. You can see the picture below of the fish she caught (with a little help from Pop, of course). They caught 2 and brought them home in a bucket so that she could show momma when I got home from work. Please notice the stickers all over Gran. Riley loves to put stickers on her Gran and Gran is proud to wear them : )